Monthly Archives: May 2015

New hive stand

The weather was damp and miserable today so I decided to build a hive stand out of old timber we had lying around in the garden. Later in the afternoon the weather cleared up so built a hard area for the hive stand to sit on. After siting the hive stand I think I’ll cement the hive legs to the slabs to improve the stand’s stability and also to protect it from being knocked over by deer.

Our B.N. Hive has arrived!

All we need to do now is put it all together, easier said than done, not because it looks difficult (but it does look difficult), but because of time pressures, we’re in the middle of a landscaping project and this weekend is pretty much taken up with moving 8 tons of delivered topsoil from the front to the rear garden, to even out and bolster up the bottom of the garden.